A  b  s  t  r  a  c  t
D  e  t  a  c  h  m  e  n  t 
Phase I
"You have no touch of yourself, you don't know the answers to the most basic questions, you have no idea about the purposes of things."
D  e  t  a  c  h  m  e  n  t 
Phase II
"You have no corner in or out of your body that you belong to. You wander inside and you try to find answers and meanings but you end up in a trap-maze of non-ending gaps and holes."
D  e  t  a  c  h  m  e  n  t 
Phase III
"And it is so easy to fall into one gap that would snap you right to the beginning, and it’s so hard to find a way back there with all the distractions in the world."
D  e  v  o  u  r  e  r
"Devour, child. There is no shame in having been born this way. Devour, for if it was not for their pain, you would be starving."
S  a  i  n  t
Project II, 2015.